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What Is the Number One Hearing Aid?

Author: American Hearing Centers
– 5.5 minute read

If you’ve never shopped for hearing solutions, or it’s been a while since you’ve last checked out your options, trying to answer even a simple question, like “What is the best hearing aid on the market today?” can prove difficult.

While comparing your options is an overwhelming experience, it also means you can search for the right hearing solution for your unique hearing needs and lifestyle.

There is no  singular “Number One Hearing Aid,” instead you should be specific about your wants and needs—you can seek out the most affordable hearing aid, for example, or seek out some of the newest cutting-edge hearing aid technology.

You’ll see countless web lists pop up around this time each year, with titles like:

  •’s 12 Best Hearing Aids of 2022
  •’s 11 Best Hearing Aids 2022
  • Everyday Health’s Best Hearing Aids for 2022: Reviews and Pricing 

To save you time and energy, we’ve done the homework for you. We’ve put together this guide to help you tune out some of the noise and find some direct answers about which hearing solutions you should be considering.

Which Hearing Aid Brands Are Best?

Among the many hearing aid brands, the top 6 hearing aid manufacturers (identified by audiologists) are Phonak, Resound, Oticon, Sivantos, Widex, and Starkey. Let’s see which of their models made the end-of-year lists for being among the best hearing aids of 2022.

Top Brands’ Best Offerings for 2022

Below, we’re highlighting top brands’ best offerings. We will help you better understand the specific ways in which hearing solutions are categorized and rated/reviewed—listing the “number one” hearing aid for tinnitus, or forward-thinking technologies, or rechargeability.


  • Oticon Opn S 1: “Best for iPhone Users” (
  • Oticon Xceed: “Best for Severe Hearing Loss” (
  • Oticon More: “Best Forward-Thinking Technology” (


  • Phonak Paradise: “Audiologist’s Pick” (
  • Phonak Naida Marvel 90: “Most Powerful” (
  • Phonak Lyric: “Best Invisible Hearing Aid” (
  • Phonak Audeo Paradise 90: “Best for Profound Hearing Loss” (


  • ReSound One: “Best Rechargeable” (, “Best for Natural Sound” (, “Best for Tinnitus” (


  • Signia Pure Charge&Go X: “Most Versatile” (, “Best for One-Sided Hearing Loss” (
  • Signia Silk: “Most Natural Sound” (
  • Signia Styletto Connect: “Best Streaming” (
  • Signia CROS: “Best for Single-Sided Loss” (


  • Widex Moment:“Best for Tinnitus” (, “Best for Natural Sound” (, “Best for Sound” (


  • Starkey Livio AI: “Best Features” (, “Best for AI Features” (
  • Starkey Livio Edge AI: “Most Tech-Forward”(

How to Determine the Right Hearing Solution for You

Hearing loss doesn’t treat itself, and the “number one” hearing aid for one person might be entirely wrong for another user. Your hearing is important, and so is your money; luckily, an audiologist can help you to avoid hearing aid ripoffs.

Among the topics an audiologist will address (or you can ask them about) include:

  • The type of hearing loss you have, and whether you should expect it to worsen over time
  • Whether your hearing loss is one-sided or two-sided (and, if two-sided, do both ears have the same level of hearing loss?)
  • The type or types of hearing solutions that will best fit your lifestyle (for example, will you benefit from advanced, AI-enabled features, or can you save money with less-advanced solutions?)
  • What additional costs (if any) might come with one hearing aid model or manufacturer (e.g., follow-up care, repairs or adjustments, new batteries, etc.)
  • What types of follow-up care or adjustments are included in the price
  • How long you can expect a particular hearing aid to last, and what kind of warranty coverage the manufacturer provides
  • What happens if you decide you don’t like the hearing aid you purchase
  • Whether your insurance will cover some or part of the hearing aid cost

A New Way to Shop for Hearing Solutions

At American Hearing Centers, we’ve created a best-in-class network of hearing solution brands and reputable clinics across the nation. Rather than advocating for one specific brand or trying to “upsell” at every turn, we will get to know your lifestyle and needs before recommending any specific solutions. Ultimately, we want to create a more user-friendly (and less stressful) experience.

What makes our approach to hearing care unique?

First, we offer a best-in-class Hearing Testing & Evaluations free of charge. In about 7 minutes, you’ll receive a HearScore result, which quantifies hearing loss in a way that makes it easier to match the right solutions with the right users.

Once you better understand your hearing loss, you can leverage our nationwide network of independent clinics and diverse hearing aid brands, for an unmatched diversity of recommendations. You’ll consult with an audiologist, discuss your lifestyle and what features and functions are most important to you, and you’ll be hearing better in no time!

Find a clinic near you or learn more about what makes American Hearing Centers unique, and then reach out with any questions you still have. We look forward to hearing from you!